Plasma Thawing Bath

SKU: ES0147

Product Description

Brand Edures
Model JRS-B34
Material Stainless Steel
Color Grey
Electrode Material Mild Steel Powder Coated


Micro Controller based Plasma Thawing Bath, which is a tabletop model, for quick thawing of plasma at 37º C. Temperature is controlled by micro controller based temperature controller temperature is preset at 4ºC and maintained with ±0.2º C stability.. Designed to safely and reliably thaw fresh frozen plasma (FFP) for the recovery of cryoprecipitate ant hemophilic factor (AHF)

Special Features :

  • Audio-visual alarm if temperature deviates from preset temperature.
  • Display of Set value & Process value.
  • Smooth acrylic tray for accommodating Plasma Bags.
  • Integrated pump for internal circulation maintains precise temperature uniformity throughout the liquid medium.
  • Rounded corners for better water circulation and uniformity.
  • Formed in place PUF insulation improves temperature stability and energy efficiency.

Optional :

  • Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.


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