Advance Projection Microscope

SKU: ES0125

Product Description

Voltage 220 V
Material Cast Iron
Warranty 1 Year
Packaging Type Box
Brand Edures
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Projection Microscope


Projection Microscope is very useful for routine observation and complex type measurements of specimen magnified on screen, group observations, discussions and teaching. Equipped with a 195 mm diameter Special material graduated screen Built-in base illuminator & diaphragm which is directed to the condenser which again is reflected through a mirror to the objective and compensating eyepiece for projection on to the screen again by a reflector.
Graduated Mechanical stage is also provided on the large stage for backward and forward movements.
Within 30mm& 40mm scales read by verniers to 0.1mm Screen-head is rotatable through 360°with cross scales vertically and horizontally within 140mm A quadruple nose-piece carries has four objectives : 5X, 10X, 20X & 40X giving magnification from 125X to 1000X.

: Magnification from 125X to 1500X.

: Incorporated with Binocular Head.

: Same as JCR-2B Screen of 150 mm diameter.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: JCR-3B
  • Packaging Details: As the “teknik” projection systems are the most delicate product hence utmost care is taken while in packing,these instruments are packed in bubble sheet and then in foam, again it is packed in sturdy virgin card board box and then in wooden case.


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