Anaesthesia Equipment

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Product Description

Usage/Application Medical Use
Brand Edures
Material Mild Steel
Packing Type Box

Anaesthesia Equipments

An anesthesiologist, who is a specialist in Perioperative Medicine, specializes in care of a patient prior to, during and after surgery. This includes evaluating and preparing a patient to undergo the rigors of surgery. Anesthesiologists are specialists in control of both acute and chronic pain. They also are involved in the care of critically ill patients. NET brand Anaesthesia Products are dependable aid to these specialists. Our Resuscitators can be used to efficiently maintain ventilation, or as resuscitation in other critical situation and are thus basic hospital equipment not only for anesthesiologist but also health structures and emergency situations. The other items in this Anaesthesia Products category are Padded Face Masks, Rebreathing Bags, Reservoir Bags, Guedel Pattern Airways and Corrugated Tube.
You may view our entire Anaesthesia Equipments and select the most suitable model as per your requirements. Kindly provide us your specific purchase requirement along with quantity.

We have wide range of Anaesthesia Equipment

  • Aneasthesia Face Mask Black Rubber.
  • Aneasthesia Face Mask Silicon.
  • Bacterial Viral Filter.
  • Bains Circuit.
  • Catheter Mount.
  • Cvp Manometer.
  • Double Lumen Catheter Kit.
  • Endotracheal Tube(cuffed).
  • Endotracheal Tube(plain).
  • Guedel Airways.
  • Heat And Moisture Exchange Filter.
  • Nasal Oxygen Catheter.
  • Oxygen Mask.
  • Oxygen Mask With Nebuliser.
  • Oxygen Recovery Kit.
  • Paediartic Jackson Rees Circuit.
  • Pressure Monitoring Kit.
  • Pressure Monitoring Line.
  • Pressure Transducer Dome.
  • Rebreathing Bags.
  • Resuscitation Bag.
  • Single Lumen Catheter Kit.
  • Spinal Needle.
  • Step Connector.
  • Suction Catheter.
  • Three Way Stopcock.
  • Three Way Stopcock With Ext Line.
  • Tougy Needle.


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