Compact Biochemistry Analyzer

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Product Description

Application Research Use
Model EM-245


Technical Specifications :

Human Machine Interface

Dynamic keypad

Linear Measurement Range

0.000 to 3.000 Absorbance Units (A)

Photometric Accuracy

2% or 0.007 whichever is higher, from 0 to 1.5 A,
3% from 1.5 A to 3.0 A


High Quality Narrow band Interference
340, 405, 510, 546, 578 and 630 mm & Two Optianal

Flow cell

18 l & up to 1000 l Sipping volume

Temp. of Cuvette / Flow cell Block

25 C, 30 C and 37 C by Peltier effect

Light Source

Tungsten Halogen


Graphics LCD


Built in Thermal Printer, 20 Column

Storage Capacity

250 User Defined Test Programs & 2500 Patient results

Analysis Mode

Absorbance, End Point, Fixed Time, Kinetic, Defferential, Ratio, Coagulation


115 – 230 Volts ± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
Power – 100 VA


52 Direct Access Test Keys
Specially designed long life Perisaltic Pump
Unique circuitry for long lamp life
Triple cuvette system
Monochromatic, Bichromatic measurement.
Patient report with PID & Name
User friendly software USB Interface



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