Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator

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Usage Clinical, Hospital
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Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator

Diagnostic Muscle stimulator is useful for treatment of muscle weakness, functional paralysis resulting from Traumatic Neurosis, Hysterical of Neuropraxia, Flaceed Paralysis, Spastic Paralysis, Cardio Vascular disorders, Muscle trains etc. The Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator with Glavanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Faradic and Surge faradic currents comes in a compact metal housing duly fitted in a briefcase along with standard accessories. This device can also be used to plot S.D. curve due to its multi step frequency and duration of pulse width.


Standard accessories consist of plastic coated handle with cable, ball electrode, one patient leads with plate electrodes

Technical Specification:

  • Input Voltage : 220V AC 50Hz.
  • Maximum output 120 Volts, smooth intensity control.
  • Pulse Width: 10 micro/sec. to 300 milli sec. Pulse duration step control .01 to 300 milli sec.
  • Frequency: 6 Pulse per min. to 30 pulse per min. 1 pulse/milli sec. to 100 pulse milli sec.

Faradic Comprises 40 pulses per second, each pulse of 0.9 ms

Surge Faradic Two isolated controls are provided for changing contraction & rest period.

Intensity Common intensity control for all four mode of therapy.

Mode Selector Logic selector for selection of each therapy mode. An analog meter is provided for display of intensity for all four modes.


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