Sledge Microtome

SKU: ES0180

Product Description

Material SS
Model J-11S
Brand Edures

These are designed for cutting large blocks of paraffin and resin embedded material including whole organs, for light microscopy. The knife holding clamps allow the knife to be offset to the direction of cut, a major advantage when sectioning large, hard blocks. The microtome, which is very heavy for stability and not usually subject to vibration, can also be used to cut materials from various industrial applications (wood, plastics, textile fibers).

Technical Features:-

· Length of sliding track : 27 cms

· Total feed excursion : 25 mm

· Object stage opening : 31X26 mm

Accessories supplied with Equipment:-

· Razor-120 mm-on

· Object holders-set of three

· Oilcan-one

· Packed in card board box



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