Digital Automatic Polarimeter

SKU: ES0318

Product Description

Model EM-1789
Brand Edures
Light Source LED
Application Laboratory


Measurement Range  -45 ° – +45°, -120 °Z + 120 °Z
Minimum Reading 0.001 °Z and 0.01 °Z
Accuracy  +(0.01 °Z +Measurement value  0.05 %) +(0.03 °Z+  Measurement value 0.05 %)
Repeatability (Sta. Deviation) < 0.00
Mini. sample transmittance 1%

Salient Features:

  • Highly Stable & Accurate.
  • Domestic Advanced digital circuit and microcomputer control.
  • LCD Display.
  • Storage of three times results for Re-M (Repetition measurement) and calculation of average value. RS
    232 interface.


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