Foaming Characteristic of Lubricating Oil

SKU: ES0103

Product Description

Brand Edures
Voltage 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Source Electric

Foaming Characteristic of Lubricating Oil

This test method covers the determination of the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils at 24°C and 93.5°C. Means of empirically rating the foaming tendency and the stability of the foam are described.

  • Foaming Bath 2 places
  • Tank fitted with cover with two holes Ø 125 mm which allows two cylinders to get through
  • Cooling coil
  • Heating supplied by an armoured stainless steel heater
  • Plate base painted with anti-acid epoxy products which houses a digital thermoregulator PID with over-temperature alarm and probe
  • Two independent blowing pumps connected to two flowmeters
  • Motor stirrer
  • Two flowmeters
  • Two graduated cylinders
  • Two diffuser stones
  • Two rubber plugs
  • Diffuser tubes

Salient Features

  • Tactfully designed
  • Aesthetical Appearance
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • User friendly operating features
  • Exterior body powder coated in attractive shades
  • Highly accurate and reliable results


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