Oil And Petroleum Testing Instruments

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Oil And Petroleum Testing Instruments

We offer pensky martin appratur, redwood viscometer, kinematic viscometer battery. Pensky Martin Flash Point Apparatus Pensky Martin Flash Point Apparatus is widely used for determination of closed cup Flash Point of Fuel Oil, Cut Back asphalts, other Viscous Material and suspension of solids having a flash point about 49OF. The assembly of Pensky Martin Flash Point Apparatus rests in Air Bath which is covered with Dome shape metal top. The cup is fitted with insulated handle and locking arrangement near cup plange. The assembly rests on a round shaped heater with different temperature regulation system suitable for operation on 220 Volts AC mains.

Temperature range 50C above room temperature to 1000C.Accuracy plus minus 0.10C.Stirring is done by a FHP Electric Motor Stirrer.Heating is done by means of Tumblr type heater fitted on top of the bath.Supplied with viscometer tube holders and stainless steel cover.Different Size & Accomodation are available as under without Viscometer tube.



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