Projection Slide Storage Cabinets

SKU: ES0130

Product Description

Brand Edures
Height 2.5 feet – 3 Feet
Material Wooden
Number of Rack 10 Rack

Projection Slide Storage Cabinet
is available in:-
JW-2 : For storage of 2×2″ projection slides. Cabinet made of duro-board clad in laminated sheet. Sliding drawers with wooden grooves carry slides vertically. An extra drawer is provided to keep index card sheets. Dust proof door has locking arrangement.

  • Capacity 600 slides with 5 drawers of 120 slides each.
  • Capacity 1000 slides with 5 drawers of 200 slides each.
  • Capacity 2000 slides with 10 drawers of 200 slides each.


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